Protect your links with a password

Keep your links safe and accessible only to authorized users

Unlock the power of secure URL sharing

Protect and share URLs securely. Grant access with password protection and facilitate smooth, secure redirection for authorized users.


Enhance Privacy: Manage URLs Safely with Passwords

Easily enter your URLs and set up robust password protection in just a few clicks. Whether you prefer to generate a random password or create your own, our platform ensures your links are safeguarded against unauthorized access.

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Manage, protect, and share with confidence

Once your URL and password are set, you'll access a private dashboard. This secure space ensures your content's privacy. Here, generate a sharable URL, update the password, or delete the URL from our database. Enjoy complete control over your shared content in a protected environment.

Access to the url

Unlock URL access: secure redirect

Receive a secure URL and its password to unlock access to your desired content. Once authenticated, seamlessly redirect to the designated destination for a streamlined and secure browsing experience. Ensure privacy and control over your shared links with our intuitive and reliable platform.